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Implementing A Design Sprint in MVP

The world of Minimum Viable Product is one of trials, errors, and assumptions.
If 90% of experiments fail, and 10% of them within the first year — what solution does an MVP offer? How would you go about it?

Validate and Test your Idea in 10 days

By registering for this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

✓  How the design sprint will help you run a successful MVP

✓ Designing and mapping your MVP Sprint to maximize output while minimizing resource spend

✓ Challenges when designing your MVP sprint and how to overcome them

✓ How to minimize errors and risks to build a successful product

✓  What is a Minimum Viable Product and the idea behind it


Learn from Industry Leading Experts


Nikhil Vij, UI/UX Lead
Net Solutions
Nikhil is the UI/UX Design Lead at Net Solutions, with 12 years of experience in the field and has intense knowledge of design sprints - including running them remotely. Nikhil's go to approach is to make design intuitive, accessible, and effective.
Amit Chandel, UX Architect
Net Solutions
Amit is a UX Architect at Net Solutions, with 15+ years of experience as a creative & art director in print and digital media. Amit specialises in process creation, product management, requirement gathering, and bringing it all together for the end product.

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