What you will get to learn from this eBook

In this eBook, we introduce an exclusive digital transformation flywheel, propelled by the CADS technologies, to help organizations win at digital transformation. Through its four key sections, we cover the methodology, working, and forces that rotate the flywheel.

01.What is the Digital Transformation Methodology?

In this section, you will learn about the exclusive digital transformation methodology and the four key ways to apply it.

02.What is the Digital Transformation Flywheel?

Based on Newton's first law of motion, this section discusses the digital transformation flywheel, and the driving force (CADS) needed to rotate it.

03.CADS Force — 2020 Tech Trends

This section talks about the CADS technologies, their capabilities, and why & how they act as the catalyst for the flywheel.

04.Points to Ponder

By now, you will be well acquainted with the flywheel. This section will ask you a few questions on your CADS readiness.
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