Personalized Omnichannel Experience

Personalized Omnichannel Experience

Full control to present content, products, or payment gateways using any design framework to any screen or device. Use past data, location, or source to present relevant data to each customer.


The front and back end can be managed separately, with microservice architecture allowing multiple teams to work on improvements at the same time. Test and roll out improvements without impacting the performance of the whole system.
Lightning Fast Innovation

Lightning Fast Innovation

Experiment with new ideas and implement A/B testing for new features or offers without impacting the back end.

Scalable Performance

Microservice-based IT architecture delivers rapid information to customers at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Individual components can scale as they need to, e.g. for a Sale.
Scalable Performance

What’s inside for you?

The challenges of customer acquisition and retention, including consumer expectations
Omnichannel retailing and why it matters
The flexibility, dynamic shopping experiences being created with headless commerce
How to choose the headless commerce platform right for you

Meet the Demands of Customers with a Seamless Digital Experience

Consumers are raising their expectations for what they want from their digital experiences with brands. Customers expect a frictionless eCommerce experience in every interaction and across all channels, including in-store, web, mobile, and social.


This eBook will demonstrate how traditional commerce is increasing customer acquisition costs and churn. The guide will then introduce you to headless commerce: a flexible, dynamic framework that allows brands to deliver a seamless, personalized shopping experience across all channels.

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